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Tonva is one of the largest manufactures of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine and Molds in China since 1993, with a team of experts who focus on plastic blowing machine for more than 25 years.

Tonva machine is under ISO9001 quality control system, and get CE,SGS,BV certifications .Tonve also been China National High-Tech enterprise since year of 2015.

Our clients in a wide range of plastic industry sectors, such as: daily using, toy, chemical container, agrochemical, pharmaceuticals, automobile, food, traffic using etc., products can be 3ml to 5000L, single layer to 6 layers, single color to three colors. Now TONVA machines are running in over 80 countries in the world,and it is never the end.

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    Founded in 1993
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    More than 30 years experience
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    More than 400 machines per year
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    Over 100 countries




Service First

  • Blow molding function in which industries?

      Blow molding machine will heat and soften the raw material, through the extrusion head, extrusion tube shaped embryo into the mold, and then through the compressed air, blow and cool the shaped embryo to obtain hollow products.  Blow molding machine production products according to the lar...

  • Preparation before starting of large hollow blow molding machine

    TONVA plastics machine company 1. Open the cooling water of the cooling material barrel of the hollow blow molding machine, pay attention!  Need to open all, so as to avoid the occurrence of screw bite phenomenon;  At the same time, check the cooling water and start-up system.  Make sure water a...